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    Question harmattan NFC api

    Hi, all

    Anybody knows what is the api for enable/disable NFC function on N9?
    I didn't found it in the api docs.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: harmattan NFC api


    It is not possible with QtMobility apis.

    May be there is some native api for it, public docs do not show any though.

    But even though it is possible(may be through mce), it is not recommended or the aegis security tokens that allow it to happen are restricted.

    See the striked of tokens related to mce.. they are now restricted operations.

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    Re: harmattan NFC api

    kusumk, thanks for reply! It's very helpful.

    I still can not figure out how to do this for now,
    but I will read more about the way you pointed out.
    Thanks a lot!

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