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    Back in web apps Series S 40


    How do you deal with back in web apps? Would it be different on C3-00 (not touch screen) and X3-02 (touch screen)?

    We have a list of items that can be selected to go to another screen and then want to go back. The list is like a menu.

    For now we put a back button at the top (standard logo of the guidelines).

    Per the guidelines there is no standard. What are you developers using in general? If a back button, where do you put it?

    How do you access the Options menu to add a back button as described in the doc?

    - From the guidelines

    3.3.4 Back behaviour
    There’s no default, generic, or recommended back-stepping function in web apps. However, there is an exception
    when accessing the Options menu for items such as Settings. In this case the default behaviour is to enable the
    user to return to the last screen of the web app by selecting the floating Back button in Touch and Type UIs and
    the Back softkey in non-touch UIs, as shown in Figure 20.



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    Re: Back in web apps Series S 40

    Hi Christelle,

    Back buttons shown in figure 20. are native part of native Browser functionality, thus out of reach of Web Apps.
    For Web Apps, top right corner is the preferred place for back button.


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