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    Qt quick symbian app version change

    please help me:
    howto change qt quick symbian application version number? I can not find answers anywhere. I would be glad if you make a detailed explanation.

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    Re: Qt quick symbian app version change

    i solved this problem. you write to projectname.pro files
    symbian {
    TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices

    my_deployment.pkg_prerules += vendorinfo

    DEPLOYMENT += my_deployment

    vendorinfo += "%{\"\"}" ":\"\""

    DEPLOYMENT.display_name += projectname



    and not forget to save before make sis file

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    Re: Qt quick symbian app version change

    Could you make clear your question ?

    If you develop application with the most recent Qt SDK 1.2.1 you use QtQuick 1.1 that is included to Qt SDK package, if you need to upgrade some old application to use that version then use QT SDK 1.2.1 --

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