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Thread: Resize image

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    Resize image

    Hi All,

    There are a lot of examples in internet of how to re-size image but all of those example have the same problem of out of memory exception when it runs on S40 devices.

    So is there a solution to re-size image that we can avoid memory issue.


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    Re: Resize image

    Hi makara,

    The issue for the Out of Memory exceptions has to do with the internal memory representation of the image in combination with the limited heap memory size available on Series 40 (typically 2MB and currently on some devices up to 4MB).
    You can find the maximum heap you can use on your model from the device specification page here.

    You might want to use .png images or scalable 2d vector graphics. An example for the latter can be found here.

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    Re: Resize image

    well, you can use some primary software like paint, photoshop, Microsoft Picture Manager etc . They are enough resizing image.

    There is no any special need of resize image software for s40 development.

    @skalogir: is right too.
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    Re: Resize image

    I assume Makara wanted to learn if there was a ready-made API for Java ME for decoding and resizing images in a single step (and having overall memory requirements closer to the size of the resized image than to the original).
    As far as I understand, there is no built-in API for that.

    If it is enough to support a limited number of image formats, you can always try searching for something like Java xy decoder, pure Java xy decoder, perhaps combining with ME or MIDP with Google, where xy is a file format you need. Then you will usually have something to start with, however the resizing feature still has to be added, and such codes may rely on API-s which are not necessarily available on Java ME. For example even a .png requires a deflater (some alternatives are here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1...p-j2me-library), and .png is a very simple format.

    Chintan, do you really have that set of software running on your S40 devices?

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