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    The 808 is not reaching it's full potential.

    After researching the graphics chipset incorporated into the Nokia 808 PureView, I noticed that it had sufficient power, even being able to run games in 1080p via external screen, although this is dependent on the quality of the game it is still great that it is capable of running 3d games at this resolution at all.

    I understand the 808 is aimed at the media market, destined to break records and appeal to the artsy type with it's revolutionary camera, however, the majority of people in developed countries will most likely not buy a phone simply for the camera, we have cameras for that after all. I think that the 808 should also appeal to the gamers, mobile gaming has reached unbelievable levels of popularity among other platforms, yet there aren't many recognisable developers with the expertise to take advantage of the existing hardware who work with Symbian.

    I therefore think that the 808 should be focused on a broader area of media, appealing to a wider market and satisfying customers by having good points in 2 popular areas as opposed to one. I think that something should therefore be done to entice developers and companies such as EA and Gameloft if the 808 is going to be popular among people in countries who will actually be able to afford it.

    It is also worth noting that although I do admire the 808, that the hardware is slightly antequated. The camera is fine, yes, but the CPU is an Arm 11, who uses those anymore? virtually every other manufacturer has gone for far more efficient and superior chipsets from more recent times. Also, if you have a great GPU and a great camera, why choose a screen resolution significantly below current smartphone standards? 640 x 360 doesn't cut it anymore, people are disappointed with 854 x 480 screens these days.

    The Apple iPhone has 960 x 640 on a smaller screen, having the same pixels across when held portrait to that of the 808 from top to bottom, and yet the 808 has a much bigger screen, which further impacts pixel density. Other manufacturers such as HTC, Sony, LG and Samsung have already demoed and some even released screens at 1280 x 720, and some even further than that.

    Personally, I think the screen, lack of developers, and CPU greatly let it down, perhaps conventional customers will not be too fussed about the CPU or the screen, but the lack of decent apps is the make or break point for whether they buy the phone or not. I currently own a C6-01 running Belle, and I must say that the Nokia Store is frankly, just really disappointing. I bought an Xperia Ray from Sony Ericsson (Now Sony) just so I'd have half decent apps.

    In conclusion, I think these hardware let-downs and the lack of decent apps must be taken into consideration for this phone to make any kind of imprint on the mobile market.

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    Re: The 808 is not reaching it's full potential.

    Thank you for sharing your view!


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