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    How can I open front camera in s40 device?

    Hi All,

    I want open front camera in series 40 device for j2me. I am using "capture://image" but by using this back camera is opening, how can I open front camera, plz help me. it's urgent.


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    Re: How can I open front camera in s40 device?

    you can open front camera in JavaME using "capture://devcam1". I don't think any S40 device has front camera.

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    Re: How can I open front camera in s40 device?


    Just want to add that all the sensor sizes that are supported by the device cameras can be checked using the


    The String that will be returned has the sensor sizes / device and is delimited with a whitespace (Unicode U+0020). The format is "device_name : width x height" without the whitespaces.

    Example String: "devcam0:1024x768 devcam1:640x480".

    In case cameras are not supported, the camera.resolutions will return the value of null.

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