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    Show "InfoBanner" without QML

    Hi boys and girls,

    I am working on a daemon and I want that it tells the user when the job is done. So I am looking for a way to show an InfoBanner equal to the QML version, but without QML, instead pure Qt would be nice.

    But as far I can see the Banner thing is based on MeeGoTouchFramework? Isn't it? Because I am using Python and not sure about, if there is a package in the N9's Repos?

    Are there other ways, maybe via DBUS?

    Any hints, ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Show "InfoBanner" without QML

    As far as this is a daemon and it doesn't have a window, you cannot use window-parented controls. However, for your purposes you can use MNotification as described here:

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