As we've known for a while, the *Unique* IDs (UID) ended up being not-so-unique after a monumental cockup @Nokia. While Symbian Signed (a serious organisation) was managing this - for over 10 years there was not a single problem. Anyway, I digress, I was one of the publishers quietly contacted about this a while back.

It turns out, I'll have to change UIDs on most of my apps, with all the nonsensical 'workarounds' that this entails. And yep, end users will loose all their data stored in the data cage!!! This is a big deal for my app as this is where the user generated content ends up by default. I have gone through substantial effort to maintain compatibility and support for previous file format versions only to find that the workaround destroys all user generated content.

I just couldn't bring myself to do any further Symbian releases since. After all the cockups with store, billing, payments, reporting, DRM and piracy, this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

However, as time moves, the apps are progressing on other platforms, and unfortunately this has meant that many people using Symbian were left out from updates. Incidentally, these same people were some of the early adopters and supporters. So, for their sake, I've decided to give Symbian one last hurrah.

My questions are:

1. Where is the final guide for dealing with the situation? I've got new UIDs, but we were promised some tooling that would allow reasonably seemless upgrade. Specifically, support people said that:

Custom Uninstaller (Qt, Symbian and Flash only)
The Nokia Publish support team is working on a custom uninstaller. This uninstaller will be packaged with your corrected app. The uninstaller will remove the invalid app from a consumer’s device and then install the corrected version. This is currently being developed and we expect to deploy in a few weeks. The custom uninstaller will not preserve any user data and, therefore, user data will not be transferred during the installation of the corrected version.
2. Is there still no way to migrate user data from the data cage?

3. Were you affected? Did you migrate to new UIDs? Experiences?