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    How to make animation for waiting (not using wait dialog)

    Hi I want to make something like animation for my listbox

    So what I do right now is request data using HttpGet, and after got the response I draw/insert the listbox
    I'm not using wait dialog because it blocking

    What I do right now is SetEmptyText on listbox while wait the response, usually I write "Loading..." on it

    I want improve it a bit, with drawing animation for waiting listbox content
    But how to do this?
    Is that possible to draw something / draw another control in front of a listbox?
    (Maybe something like layer on Photoshop)

    I'm interested using this

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    Re: How to make animation for waiting (not using wait dialog)

    Wait dialogs are non-blocking, so you would need to re-check your implementation and see where the actual problem is.

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