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    Red face Qt Symbian Memory, unexpected application termination on device

    Recently I did develop a Symbian application. In Qt simulator it works perfect but in actual device the application terminates unexpectedly. I suspect this is a memory leak issue.
    Already i have followed all possible(following) memory cleaning mechanisms:
    • Creating new objects as pointers
    • deleting the objects after use using 'delete' keyword.
    • using deleteLater() function on ui objects

    But still the application terminates on the device.

    Please suggest me possible solutions for this.

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    Re: Qt Symbian Memory, unexpected application termination on device

    for solutions, you would need to find the actual reason first. so do these two things:
    1. Get the panic code: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ded_panic_code
    2. Find out the line which is causing the crash

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