My app with IAP item is failed in China Nokia Store. Because they says in IAP can't use Alipay, which is workable in the phone's Store app in China.
You can find the paymethod-flow here.
I quote part of it here.
When Nokia Store consumers in China attempt to buy an app or in-app purchase, they see Alipay as a valid payment method. When they select Alipay, they are directed to the Alipay website to make the payment. When the payment is completed, they are re-directed back to Nokia Store.

Alipay is enabled automatically.

Consumers simply need an existing Alipay account. They don’t need to associate it with their Nokia account beforehand. They simply sign into their Alipay accounts during the payment flow.
Publishers also don’t need to select Alipay as a payment method. Alipay is automatically available for all apps and in-app purchases in China.
In April, 2012, Nokia Publish announce that people in China can paying more than #2 if they have Alipay account. Before that, an app in China can only sell at 2 yuan most. 2 yuan is about 0.25 euro, which is a very little amout even in China.