Hello there!

I've just started to developing an application for the N9 for the very first time. I do have had some experience creating websites, a little bit of programs and other projects such as Flash, Fireworks and so on.

However, when I bought this N9 I knew there are the applications I want there to be. I could just like download them from the OviStore -- but since I love this, I want to create them by myself. That way, I can be sure to have everything I need and I know what I'm able to do with it. And if it needs an upgrade, I just make one.

So, I'm starting with a simple diary application. I've read some example files found from here and I've got everything else -- BUT:

How I'm able to turn the TextArea component into same kind than in 'Notes'? (Sorry, I'm not sure about the real application name since I'm finnish). The TextArea contains the whole area that's visible. So there's only header, virtual keyboard and the text that can be edited.

I have placed a TextArea component to the application screen. It has a certain height and width, but when I type into it, and it goes to a multiple rows the TextArea keeps growing vertically.

I also tried to set that every time text is placed (or removed) the height remains the same. Well, this turned it crazy! Now I type into the TextArea, and when there are more rows that there coul be fit into, the height remains the same but text keeps going underneath the TextArea.

So basicly, I want a TextArea that can be scrolled up and down. A little rebound effect would be nice as well, but the main point is that the TextArea can be scrolled up and down - and that it's height won't change while writing.

Heikki Kullas