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    need clock listner to run when application is inactive

    hii.. i have used PushRegistry.registerAlarm to invoke a midlet.. i need a cllock listener that tracks the time and invoke that midlet daily at that paticular time...

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    Re: need clock listner to run when application is inactive

    I think you should post your question in "Mobile Java" Category where you can get reply from experts in Java. This category is for General Discussion. Please remember to post any question to the correct appropriate category.

    Anyway, This post will be moved soon. so no need to post there again.

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    hello sir,

    I have devloped a midlet in j2me using pushregistry.registeralarm, the problem is that it triggers the code only for current particular set of alarm... so i need an alarm that triggers every day at that user defined time of alarm.
    i need a daily alarm that triggers the execution of code,even when the application is closed.
    please look in to it...
    an example related to this would help a lot...

    thanks in advance..

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    Re: need clock listner to run when application is inactive

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