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    Pictures in in WRT application are not displaying on some devices

    We have developed Nokia WRT application and are upgrading it with pictures. Pictures are accessed over internet.
    some of the pictures (.jpg) are not getting displayed on some devices. Instead of picture we could just see white patch. We observed this issue with C6-00 and N97 mini devices having Symbian S60 5th Edition. Same URL of the picture when entered into the device browser also is not loading the picture.

    This behaviour occurs with some of the pictures out of many that we are displaying in the application and on some of the devices only.

    Please let us know what could be the possible reason behind this and a solution to it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Pictures in in WRT application are not displaying on some devices

    Welcome to forum!

    How big are images? It might be so that device is just running out of memory, if multiple images are loaded at once.
    However if the browser fails to load the image (that is in reasonable size) it might be worth checking, if the server blocks image loading for some reason.
    You could for example set the N97 user agent to your desktop browser, to see if server redirects to mobile site.


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