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    CGraphicsContext::EDrawModeNOTSCREEN problem in Anna and Belle

    Starting with Symbian Anna/Symbian ^3 SDK (AFAICS), CGraphicsContext::EDrawModeNOTSCREEN has changed.

    Before (since EPOC, in fact), this call could be used to invert a rectangle on the screen by drawing that rectangle inverted. But starting with Anna or Symbian ^3 this has changed, now just a white rectangle is being drawn. I cannot find any mention of this at all in the docs, and the docs are in fact saying that this is still how it is supposed to be working.

    Can anybody shed some light on this issue?
    Sander van der Wal

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    Re: CGraphicsContext::EDrawModeNOTSCREEN problem in Anna and Belle

    It may have something to do with the screen mode. Starting from Symbian^3 it always has an alpha channel or something like that.

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    Re: CGraphicsContext::EDrawModeNOTSCREEN problem in Anna and Belle

    Yes, ScreenPlay aka New Graphics Architecture (NGA) did change things.

    This is mentioned in Nokia Symbian^3 Developers Library > Porting applications from S60 5th Edition to Symbian^3 > API Changes and Compatibility Breaks

    Maybe you can workaround the changes to CRemoteGc::SetDrawMode() and CWindowGc::SetDrawMode() by using CFbsBitGc to render to an off-screen bitmap first as mentioned in the SDK docs?

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