The API docs at http://api.maps.nokia.com/en/mobile/...ts.Search.html mentions doing headless search by invoking a searchAdapter's search function directly, but I've not been able to figure out how exactly I would do that as I need to provide callbacks to that function and would really like it to use the default ones.

What I want is basically this:
When my app loads I want it to immediately fire off a search using my custom searchAdapter. I don't want to even display an input field for search parameters, as I'm handling searches from a serverside component. I am searching in an API that returns tons and tons of XML and I *really* do not want a mobile device to have to deal with all that data so I'm basically routing the search through a server that will parse the API's XML results and return JSON to my client. The server does not care about any sort of user input, which is why I do not need an input field in the first place. While I certainly *could* hide the input field with CSS and use some javascript to trigger a search in the window.onload this feels like a giant hack to me.

Even better would be if I could just somehow override the default search URL to my own. I had a look at the docs but I couldn't see any option for doing this. The serverside search component is under my control so I really do not need to map the results at all, it can easily return JSON that looks just like the mh5 API expects.

Any hints/links/help would be appreciated