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    Cool How to make the loudest sound?

    i have a midlet that upon discovering something displays some information, vibrates, flashes the screen, and makes a sound - all to get the user's attention. The problem is that the sound is not loud enough.
    how do i make the phone produce the loudest sound it can?
    i prefer not to add a sound file unless that's the key.
    i prefer to use standard j2me library, but can settle for Nokia's library if absolutely needed.
    i'm mainly targeting S60 or S40.

    currently, the best i can come up with is this:
    Manager.playTone(ToneControl.C4, duration, 100);
    but you can hardly hear the sound this makes on some phones.


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    Re: How to make the loudest sound?

    Play some high pitch wave file recorded with max volume and playback on Max volume - checkout the sound I have used in Green Charging app --- http://store.ovi.com/content/18547
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    Re: How to make the loudest sound?

    Hi there. ronikoren

    In priniciple, you are right as the "100" for the value should play the loudest of tone provided by the hw. The other option is to use the separate soundfiles either from the device RMS or from inside the JAR. This way you could ofcourse consider like what Amit explained, if you actually need to go for a sound file instead of the hw tone generation.

    Have you already made some tests upon and perhaps decided the optimum method for your implementation?

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