1. I have 62.72Euro revenue left in my account by end of year 2011, because it didn't exceed 100Euro so it wasn't paid, and this 62.72Euro was moved to a separate payment channel and no longer link to actual revenue balance. Theu told me if I asked to release this hold, I may have to pay additional processing fees which could be more than I earned, what fees cost so much??

2. I earned 89.88Euro from Jan 1 2012 to present, I won't get paid even the total balance in my account exceeds 100Euro threshold.

3. If I didn't sell anything in the rest of year 2012, by end of year 2012, same situation will happen again, 89.88Euro will be unlinked to actual revenue balance and Nokia will hold 62.72+89.88 for me.

So, you may have to stop selling your apps in the last 2 months, because the money won't be added to revenue balance and your accumulated amount will be reset to 0 in Jan 1, in order to get your money, you may have to ask your users NOT to buy your apps untill next Jan 1.

What an awkard situation!

Why Nokia cuts off year-end payment, unlinks amount from revenue balance and makes things so complicated and unreasonable?

I read a post here (http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...y-2012-Invoice) and someone mentioned that

Andrew told me that the payment will be added with the next payment so that we can avoid the extra transfer fee !!!
Can Nokia do the same to me??