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    e72 plugin no longer available?

    Hi, i am new to theme design and i am trying my hand at a theme for the e72. i know there was a plugin available for Carbide.ui at one point, but now i cannot find it anywhere. Is there a new one available or does anyone have it?


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    Re: e72 plugin no longer available?

    You should get the Carbide Theme Edition tool it supports all the devices new and old.


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    Re: e72 plugin no longer available?

    There is no separate plugin available for E-72 . You can download the latest version of Carbide.UI tool for Symbian i.e Carbide.UI 4.3 from THIS LINK.

    There is an utility called "plugin manager" in the toolbar of the Carbide.UI tool from where you can download the "S60 3rd edition FP2" plugin using which you can create themes for E-72 device.

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