Hello all of you, I'm developing a game but I can't find documentation about WRT. I would like to develop it on Qt but I don't have to much time to learn much about it.

So, my last chance, is develop my idea on WRT, this is a game that obviously uses basic sprite concepts, as you see, I'm a rookie in WRT and I can notice that Nokia is not giving support to WRT. I heard that Nokia have a little version of Flash for solve this animation's problem, I don't know what kind of tecnology is or how it works.

I need to recognize on code when the phone has been rotated, and access to the vibrator of the phone, and I heard about "platform services" but I don't know nothing about this topic.

Technically I need good tutorials of WRT on IDE Nokia Web Tools 1.2.0, tutorials for the little version of Flash supported on WRT and tutorials of the mentioned "platform services", or another alternative for integrate the solutions to this problems. Thanks very much for answering.