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    Personal Java App not running

    Hi All,
    I wrote a simple HelloWorld App and after compiling made the .app and other files using AIF Builder. After that I wrote the .pkg file and made the .sis using makesis utility. I installed the aplication on the 9210 and when I try to run the app I see the loading Java and starting Java messages but nothing appears after that.. Am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance

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    Java App not running

    i have the same problem on my 9210 but with _ANY_ java-application.

    i downloaded the JLife-Code-Sample (here at forum.nokia.com) and used the JLife.SIS file to install it. the installation runs without problems and after it, i see an icon.

    but when i try to start it, the "hints" 'loading java' and 'starting java' are displayed for about 2 seconds each... but nothing happens.

    is there a way to 'reinstall' the jvm on the 9210? i did not see a downloadable package or something....


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    You need to compile the source with the JAVA 1.1 Standard. If you use a newer compiler you have to add a target statement like: javac -target 1.1




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