Hi all,

I thought, given the geographic dispersal of users and lower number of Nokia specific community sites it might be a good idea to collate a listing of those websites, magazines and so on that do take an interest in reviewing/promoting applications and games for Nokia devices.

I couldn't find a thread quite along these lines in the database that was up to date enough and thought this might be a good way to find out about websites serving other countries that localised developers might not be aware of (for example I know there's a lot of Russian Symbian users out there but wouldn't know where to begin with trying to reach out to that market).

So the two big ones I'm aware of are:
1) AllAboutSymbian (http://allaboutsymbian.com/)
2) Symbian Tweet (http://www.symbiantweet.com/)

And Nokia's online marketing tool (though didn't this used to help you build spotlight promotion material for inside Ovi store rather than just web banners?)

Are people aware of any other good websites or magazines? Thanks to anyone who shares.