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    Post Testing a Symbian application across different locales


    We've got a Symbian application which we localize into 20 languages. We're having a lot of trouble sourcing devices that contain language packs in order to test this application before release.

    It seems that devices purchased in certain areas (e.g. Europe) only contain a set number of languages and cannot be changed?

    Has anyone encountered this issue, and can anyone maybe point me in the right direction? Can the Symbian emulator be setup to work for all supported languages, or is there another approach people take a testing applications across many different locales?

    I'm in Ireland, and it's difficult to source devices with the required languages.


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    Re: Testing a Symbian application across different locales

    Hi Jimmy

    Have you tried RDA (Remote Device Access)? There are some devices with special languages.

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    Re: Testing a Symbian application across different locales

    You can access RDA via "Devices" above, and you can put your extra needs to http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...mware-versions

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