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    QML native language support??

    hi everyone
    i wanna to port my application in Persian language.(e.g string play means "بازی" etc) please let me know is qt supported for this ?
    thanks advance
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    Re: QML native language support??

    Qt/QML support localization check here for more details.
    Use [URL="http://qt.nokia.com/products/qt-quick/"]Qt-Quick[/URL] to make your application UI more attractive.

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    Re: QML native language support??

    my 2 cents
    there is some tweaks you have to do for translation in QML:
    any qml file you want to be scanned by lupdate utility have to be added to SOURCES item in .pro file:
    hack_for_linguist {
    SOURCES += qml/main.qml
    "hack_for_linguist" requred for fool build system

    all the rest is written in the docs

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    Re: QML native language support??


    I have found this link as well

    However, coming from MS Dev and C# I sincerely hope that above link and the following

    for sure describe some extreme special cases that , at maximum, 5 people on this planet ever get use of.
    However if it is so that Qt need a process including usage of using lconvert, lupdate, linguist, lrelease, .ts and .qm files etc.
    just to archive multi language applications, this is truly and utter complete and sincerely BS.

    I have never ever seen any more complicated rubbish to archive a multi lingual application,
    it is way way way way easier to solve itself by creating your own reading algorithms from text files
    or even use your own Xml files, such as C# is working in MS dev.

    I recently bought a N9 and is at the moment taking the time to learn and use Qt to write an
    application for the N9 but this total insane handling of multi languages for an application is making
    me thinking twice of even make a "hello world" program.


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    Re: QML native language support??

    In case you work on windows, remember to save your qml files as UTF8!

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