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    Angry [QT 4.73] Deploy plugins does not work

    After a whole day, reading stuff on stackoverflow, blogs and looking at sources... well... here is the story:

    I wrote an app. It shows 2 images with a small flicker between them. To avoid tearing I used qgl with some painters.

    void FlickerImage::updateGL()
        painter.drawImage ( QRectF(0,0,800,600), images[image_counter], QRectF(0,0, images[image_counter].width(), images[image_counter].height()));
    It works great and I am happy with it on my development machine. Well it does not work on an other machine without qt. I used dependency walker and copied all dll files too it.

    The programm started but it did not show the images. After some reading I learned it probably needs the plugins (jpg and opengl). I copied the whole fuccking plugins directory into

    E:\flicker_app\ <- here the imageformats folder etc...

    And placed the dlls outside and inside the directories. The test machine has an ATI X1250 gpu with the right driver.

    No chance. Then I used qt.conf with the path to the plugins to it... no chance. The output was:

    Plugins: E:/flicker_app/plugins

    Is there a bug or something? The plugins are coming straight from my dev machine (4.73 same as qt creator and the sdk).

    Is there a secret path? Or even better, is there a way to know which plugin is missing? For real a simple error message telling where is the problem, trolltech (now I know why you call yourself "troll"tech!).

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    Re: [QT 4.73] Deploy plugins does not work


    As i understood you are trying to release your application on other machine. If i am correct , all you need is to include Qt libraries into you installation package or instal Qt runtime environment manually on the target machine.

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    Re: [QT 4.73] Deploy plugins does not work

    all you need is to include Qt libraries into you installation package
    This is what I thought too. It started yes, but I lacked functionality (just black images). This problem was written on some pages, saying that the application cant find the plugins.

    or instal Qt runtime environment manually on the target machine.
    Would this solve the plugin issue? Even the plugin path problem? My programm ist 512 KB in size. The QT runtime is pretty big, just wanted to install the needed plugins and dlls. But well if its necessary I will do it. Thank you.

    Where can I find a runtime version of QT which is just installable via a an exe file? Edit: Sorry you gave the link

    I'm a linux developer... windows is so confusing. I miss my apt-get install libqt
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