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    S40 PlatformRequest Browser bad rendering

    I'm using platformRequest to launch the phone's native browser(i think that's what it's supposed to do).
    (By the way is this the only way of opening html pages besides those limited renders out there? - limited 'cause they usually render a limited amount of components(img/a/p/input/etc.) only.)

    The problem is that the page rendering's result is not the same as when launching the browser directly on the phone's menu and navigate to the desired page. For instance, the scroll bar(that is show when the page's content is bigger than the screen's height) is different, it looks like it adds a right margin to the page messing up floating elements position, it doesn't let me use the search bar on the top/navigate to another page, etc..

    If platformRequest launches the phone's native browser shouldn't it work the exact same way?

    Thank you.

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    Re: S40 PlatformRequest Browser bad rendering

    Hi Sypter,

    Given that your target platform is Series 40, platformRequest is the option that could render a web page with the most optimal result.

    Regarding your rendering issues, can it be that, depending on your device, you can customize the display of the right column by looking under the Browser's Options > Tools > column view?
    Similarly, depending again on your device, you can customize the way images are rendered in the native browser from the Browser's Options > Settings > Image Quality

    When you call the browser via a PlatformRequest, you cannot specify these rendering options. The browser that is launched uses a predefined set of the native browser's options, that the end use has no control over.

    Regarding your issue of not being able to set the URL, the idea behind PlatformRequest is to launch a web page and then return back to the application, not to use the launched browser as an integrated part of the MIDlet for continuous browsing.

    The address bar, will be included, in the Asha full touch family of products.
    Last edited by skalogir; 2012-07-01 at 16:52. Reason: Updated the last sentence, as URL address bar will be added in the browser launched directly by a Java MIDlet

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