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    X-Wap-Profile doc process

    From which parameter we'll get to know weather phone is touch or not based on X-Wap-Profile response?

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    Re: X-Wap-Profile doc process

    is it you want to know whether the device is touch or not? then you can use the system property "com.nokia.keyboard.type". if the system property returns null then its a full touch device. you can find more about this system property here

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    Re: X-Wap-Profile doc process

    Yeah, just he wants it to know on a Web server... (X-Wap-Profile is a HTTP header). Why posted that in the Java boards remains to be a question.
    Anyway, as an experiment, here is the profile of the N8: http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/NN8-00r100-3G.xml
    I do not see anything in it suggesting its real nature. It says PhoneKeyPad, with 2 softkeys and support for text input. So I guess this is not the way how you will identify touch-enabled devices.

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