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    Re: "Device not Supported" with smart Installer in 500(Nokia Belle)

    Thank you both for your suggestions.

    wizard_hu_ is right. But even if that would work, it would still not help you since declaring a dependency does not ensure that it is also fulfilled (unless you use SI which, as we discussed, should be avoided).
    i am not just declaring dependency, after declaring dependency in my app pkg again i am creating one more app for SI and embedding sis of my app with SI sis.

    and then test the app [and deploy it] only on devices known to have OpenC++ built-in (S60 5.0 onwards). No smart installer. No embedded sis files.
    5233 is S60 5th Edition so without SI and embedded sis it's working.

    The only thing you need to do is a test on at least one device from each generation to ensure that whatever version of OpenC it has inside (even older that 1.6) your app still works.
    E52 (S60 3rd Edition,FP 2 ) app failed with "Installation Failed". So without SI app'll not work in lower versions so i have to find a way to work with SI in higher versions.

    found one more thread with same issue.
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