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    S40(full touch) UI

    Is it possible to customize the look of S40(full touch) UI components like Header Bar, OptionsLists , List Items, TextField, etc.?
    They all are pink locked !
    I can't find a way to change header's color, create list items with multiline info (can only pass it a title and an icon....),create a search button on the side of a textfield, create an image carousel, etc...

    I can do some of that stuff with a canvas, but developing a textfield for it doesn't look simple or even a good choice, create a long list(that uses scroll) and find in which item the user clicked on (using some contentY position and pointer coordinates) doesnt look very good too.

    So, am i missing something here, or is this just how it is..

    Thank you.

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    Re: S40(full touch) UI

    You can try LWUIT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightwe...erface_Toolkit), the Series 40-seasoned variant is hosted on this site, http://projects.developer.nokia.com/LWUIT_for_Series_40

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    Re: S40(full touch) UI

    ...and to answer your original question, high level LCDUI components like TextFields or ChoiceGroups are non-customizable, e.g. you cannot change their color depending on the active theme or change their alignment and size. That is the logic behind the distinction between high-level and low level UI components, i.e. one typically uses high-level components because they require little effort to be integrated into the application while low-level UI components provide a fully customized UI experience.

    The header bar on Series 40 full touch devices is generally not customizable, with the exception of Action button 1, that can receive a custom icon as an IconCommand (see more information here).

    Similarly the Category Bar of the Navigation Bar is customizable icon-wise.

    Keep in mind, that CustomItems offer a combination of high-level and low-level rendering, so if you want to use a form and only customize a few item within the form, you could treat that item's area as a a low level Canvas. More information on the latter can be found here.

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    Re: S40(full touch) UI

    Hi Sypter,
    Every style in Lwuit is mostly done using the Lwuit editor and hence they pick the style from the theme file.
    Extract the theme file from the jar file, customize the theme file as per your requirement ,replace it with the original one.
    I think this should work. I would strongly insist on maintaining the original style, do only additions, that will keep the app adhered to the Nokia UI Design.


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