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    Exclamation Changing price: users have to pay again on update?


    I've recently published an update for an app, also changing the price point (from #2 to #1). Now, what seems to happen is that users that bought the app with the previous (higher) price point are asked to pay the new price point to update to the latest version of the app.

    Anyone experienced the same? Is that the normal behavior on the Store?

    This process is wrong in my opinion, since users should always be able to update the app once they downloaded/purchased that, regardless of the paid price.

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    Re: Changing price: users have to pay again on update?

    I have not heard of such functionality. Since clearly this was not your intention to do, it must be either a bug or communication problem from the store publish side. Please contact them directly via email to get faster solution for the problem.

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