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    How to? - Web based link to 'Nokia Maps' on phones

    Hi all,

    Hope I'm not posting on the wrong board. Apologies in advance if so.

    I am wanting to achieve a link to 'Nokia Maps' in the same way I have done for 'maps' on Apple and Android devices.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words so please see http://henrysinn.com/myki on a [non Nokia] phone.

    I am assuming the solution is via a http://m.ovi.me/[application_environment]?parameter=value&... link
    ..as m.ovi.me will launch Nokia Maps on the phone.

    I have a kml file with about 920 "places of interest" with titles, lat and long [http://henrysinn.com/gmm/myki.kml]

    Can this be somehow ported [pulled] into the Nokia Maps app on phones via a m.ovi.me link?

    [I note http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ay_-_Nokia_Map but that appears to be for desktop / browser results]

    Other ways?

    Many thanks in advance for any ideas.

    Henry Sinn

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    Re: How to? - Web based link to 'Nokia Maps' on phones

    Hi henrysinn and Welcome to Nokia Discussion boards,

    Yes, you can achieve link to Nokia maps using web apps or Java ME on Nokia phones. Read more on this here. You can see the browser support on Nokia Maps API for JavaScript
    Java Me example (KML Data example, Tweets on my Map and etc) can be found on Maps API for Java ME- Code Examples

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