I can't get the map to display multiple infobubbles and setting the infobubbles for each point.
I need the infobubble to display several images and text when a user clicks the marker.
I see the poi in the map but when I click on it it shows me an infobubble with the "name" tag, but I want it to show the infobubble I create afterwards.

All I have now is this:
	nokia.mh5.assetsPath = "http://api.maps.nokia.com/mobile/0.1.9/lib/";
		var map = new nokia.mh5.components.Map({
                                appId: "demo_wwzrmoloHAFVvyW",
                                appCode: "Vgl_08RQWnjJo92Lw1F_uQ",
				center: {		
          			longitude: -58.4,
	           		latitude: -34.6
				zoom: 12,
				configuration: {
					distanceUnit: "km",
					search: null,

		var poi = map.createPoi("img/rojo.png", {longitude: -58.4, latitude: -34.6, name:"Accidente"});
		var params = {
    	                     content: ["title","description"],
                	     left: "img/accidente.png",
    	                     right: "img/corte_parcial.png",
    	                     maxWidth: 340