Sometimes when trying to debug, all looks good, but the app im trying to debug does not start. I even got a friendly message that all is good and ready. But nothing.

UEIInvocationParameters: About to call FileUtils.createFakeJadAndJar(classname=mobi.bozza.Bozzaclasspath=null)
Emulator command: C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_SDK_2_0_Java\bin\Nokia_SDK_2_0_Java_em.exe -Xdomain:trusted
Creating New "Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java" Instance ...
Thread RUNS
Loading SdkConfig.dll
Loading sdk.dll
WARNING: Unrecognized argument 1: -Xdomain:trusted
Smart card communication error 0x80100017
The specified reader is not currently available for use

"Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java" Instance #2000 Ready for Future Connections