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    Custom labels for POIs

    Can someone give me an example request for a map image that has a few POIs, each with their own custom text label (I don't want them to be labelled as 1-x or A-x) and auto zoomed (which I think should be done by default).


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    Re: Custom labels for POIs

    Use the poi parameter for simple pins, use poix0..N for complex pins and use tx0..N to add custom texts as shown:

    Custom Pins

    Custom texts

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    Re: Custom labels for POIs

    Thank you so much for that. I was aiming for a mix between the two (map markers but with custom text) and the following might help someone else aiming for something similar:
    I couldn't find any API documentation for Extended POIs or Custom Texts, did I miss something?

    If the zoom value is missed off should it not automatically zoom to show all the markers at the appropriate zoom level because it seems to zoom in too much and not show anything useful (just try removing z=10 off the end of the web address I've included above)?

    Thanks for your help so far,

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