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    Exclamation Are you ready for Series 40 Full Touch

    I highly recommend that the Series 40 developers join one of these webinars if possible. Let your friends know too.

    Read about and register for them on the Blog


    Let your friends know too sign up too. Developing apps for Series 40 will open entire untapped markets.


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    Re: Are you ready for Series 40 Full Touch

    yes ,i am --> i have ready for make app in S40 Full touch
    but i have qustion for any body , how about gesture in S40 full touch , in my a nother phone my app for gesture look like
    but in S40 full touch my app very slowly ,

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    Re: Are you ready for Series 40 Full Touch

    Hi JTK-POLBAN and welcome to Nokia's Discussion Boards,

    Could you provide something more concrete, that I could reproduce on my side? Do you experience the difference in the performance in the Emulator only? Could you share code snippets?

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