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    Question How having an icon on the phone ?

    I finished to developp a simple strategy game for N9 that I wish publishing. All the simulation on Qt simulator are OK, but the reponse of QA is

    SUMMARY: Application does not present an icon on the phone.
    1. Download and install the application.
    2. Navigating to the area on the phone where new applications are installed.
    ACTUAL RESULT: The icon of the application cannot be found on the phone.
    EXPECTED RESULT: The application should present one or more icon(s) on the phone.
    AFFECTED DEVICES: N9 Firmware: V20.2011.40-4_PR-001.

    I don't really know what I must doing before or after packaching to solve this pb.

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    Re: How having an icon on the phone ?


    Perhaps you have problem but cannot discover it on your only device -- please check istallation on arbitrary device by using Remote Device Access service first option you can find on the page is for free.

    Another way is to perform factory reset on your device before testing

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    Re: How having an icon on the phone ?

    Thanks you. I am going to try Remote Device access service

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