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    Signing service is out temporarily

    The issue is now fixed, site is online again.

    I'm sorry for the delays guys!

    We have a problem we are fixing. We cannot possibly answer all incoming notifications regarding the issue though.

    Please sit tight. Can't give an estimate for a fix, but once it's up I'll update our Twitter feed, and this thread. Also we'll remove the notice on the SS site itself once the services are running again.

    Edit: this issue is the cause to all the "Publisher ID is invalid" errors lately, in case you have encountered one.

    - the issue also affects all other actions requiring Publisher IDs, like verifying accounts.

    - We do not have an estimate yet. My assumption is that the nature of the error is such that once it is found it can be fixed immediately; so the first schedule we can report to you would be along the lines "now it has been fixed". That said, I'll update here whenever I have anything new to disclose.

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