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    No screen saver, black screen during calls. help!

    I've an issue with my N9 since the customer support repaired it for a horizontal line issue.

    The screen was replaced but since the screen saver (the clock with white characters) disappears immediately and the double tap does not work. Worst when I send or when I receive a call the screen goes black and keys are disabled. Audio is ok. The screen reappears at the end of the call.

    I sent the N9 back to Nokia but they returned it without changing anything. Now Nokia proposes to exchange it with a Lumia 800.

    I'm worried because I have the feeling this is just a software issue. I'd appreciate if you have any idea to restore a normal behavior. I'd like to keep the Nokia N9. Resettings settings or clearing memory does not help.

    I'm running PR1.2
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    Re: No screen saver, black screen during calls. help!

    I think my problems are coming from the proximity sensor which is not working likely an issue introduced when the phone was repaired.

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