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    Question Develop app for nokia E5

    Hello my people,

    i'm trying to create an application for a Nokia E5, i'm using Qt Creator and i have installed the Qt SDK 4.6.3 and 4.7.3 on my development machine. I'm testing my projects in the Nokia E6 simulator that comes with the Qt creator and the SDK. In the simulator everything works fine, but when i want to deploy the app to the device there is always a problem, at first when i was installing the application on the phone it says, qt component is missing. To solve that i installed Qt-4.7.3-for-S605th.sis from the sdk installation. Now i'm able to install applications on the phone, but during the installation process it says: "Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway?". If i choose yes, the application gets installed but after the installation it doesn't run.

    I'm really getting fustrated with this phone, could someone send me a sample project with dummy source code created with QT creator that i can compile and install on my phone. Or maybe someone with expirience developing apps for this phone could provide me some information about how to setup the proper environment to develop apps for this phone.

    Really thanks.

    I'm felling so bad now , i really need help.

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    Re: Develop app for nokia E5

    You should note first that your device is 3rd ed FP2 device, so it does not support 4.7.3 targets, as you could see from: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Support-for-Symbian . In general I would suggest using Symbian C++ for 3rd ed and only using Qt for touch devices, anyway, if you want to use Qt, you could use the updater feature of the QtSDK to get the 4.6.3 targets for the device you have.

    In general when you are experiencing that an application would nto start when it is clicked, most often it actually crashes during launching, so you could always try checking the panic code for the crash: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ded_panic_code

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