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    Symbian Belle device as a Car-PC? Touchscreen supported by USB OTG? Calls via HDMI?

    Hey Guys,

    i'd like to build a car-"PC" around my nokia n8 (which is sitting on my desk since i've got a 808:squint and drew up some fancy schematics for that. http://discussions.nokia.com/discuss...07-01-0828.jpg

    Basically i'd like to buy a 7 inch Touchscreen with HDMI-Input and then have the N8 in front of my car's armrest. This would enable me to see the nokia car mode on the 'big' screen on top of my dashboard and have the n8 resting in front of my right hand to intuitively control it. Of course if would be great if the 7 inch screen on the dashboard would also be a touchscreen. Therefore my question: has anyone tried yet to plug a car tft touchscreen into a usb on the go enabled symbian device?
    in my opionion it would just be great of the n8 would recognize the touchscreen as a standard mouse device, meaning a tab on the screen would represent a click.

    I am also wondering if the N8 is intelligent enough to route audio that comes from a bluetooth hands-free device through the hdmi-output when calls are coming in. This of course would make or brake the entire project.

    Could you get me some input on those things?


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    Re: Symbian Belle device as a Car-PC? Touchscreen supported by USB OTG? Calls via HDM

    If the touch-screen identifies itself as a normal keyboard/mouse (HID), then it should work also with the N8 and USB i think. I didn't try it using USB by myself, but over Bluetooth it worked flawless with my Logitech diNovo Mini.

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