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    Creating Menu's for 9210

    When I have tried to create some menu's for the 9210 and then test it on the emulator it just crashes out. It compiles fine. Is there any good (and simple!) example or resources that I can use to get this sorted. I even tried modifing the JLife app from the Nokia site but that still crashes out after i have played with it. Any help greatly appreciated.


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    RE: Creating Menu's for 9210

    Hi Grant,

    I think you are a Java developer! if you are, please repost your question on the Java discussion board, where many Java developers and Nokia Java experts can help you. But if you are talking about Symbian C++, check the Symbian\6.0\NokiaCPP\Epoc32Ex\CrystalUI\ path on the SDK to see many useful examples about UI design.

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