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    "Customer Support" messages - language issues?

    Recently I've started receiving emails from people, subject "Customer Support - Problems using the content", and the contents are what look like the output of some kind of submission form. I'm guessing this is some new feature added when users download(?)

    The problem is that the messages from users are often not in English, which is the only language I can support (and Google Translate isn't helping) - is there anywhere to specify that support can only be offered in certain languages? (I could put this in the application's info page I guess, but I'm not sure where people actually fill in this form.)

    (I'm an individual writing free software, not a company, so support for non-English languages isn't an option)

    I guess in theory this is no different to if someone emailed me directly, but since in practice such messages were always in English - I guess it was more obvious to people who went via email, rather than just filling in a "customer support" form.


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    Re: "Customer Support" messages - language issues?

    If you see the senders email there, I would suggest replying to the message and specifying the languages supported, and asking them to use only the supported languages, and then wait for future communications from them.

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