Response to Jasfox from


1. Thank you for your response.

2. Your question "The question is what do you mean by "a link for Nokia Map... launch Nokia Maps on the phone"..."
I think you answered this yourself further into your reply but to reiterate, yes, I don't want to re-invent the wheel. The phones already have an App - called "maps" All I want to do is find a way to launch "maps" and have the maps app find and overlay the KML. I have had total success with all iOS and Android devices without building an app

3. Your note "The problem is that the KML will need to be hosted on the same site as the HTML (or spoofed as a proxy by your server) - "
If I'm on the right page, this is the intent. This is how works

4 Your comment "...but I've had a chat with a friendly developer and hopefully some KML syntax will be added soon."
I can't wait! :-) If it can work as seamlessly as "maps" on iOS and Android, we give instant life to outgoing Symbian devices with "Nokia Maps" and any WP7 / WP8 devices with "Nokia Maps" ... Unless of course I'm an idiot and have miss-interpreted something which is highly likely... :-)

Many thanks