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    How to obtain a route between locations

    What is the correct way to get the route between two points? I've used nokia.mh5.adapters.Route.fetch() and showed route on map by setting as the callback:
    function(route_result) {
       map.route = route_result;
       map.box = route_result.box;
    It works OK locally on my computer in Chrome. But when trying this on Android in WebView I'm getting error: "Go online to use the routing service" (so the function I've mentioned is not called).
    What's wrong? What does really this error mean?

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    Re: How to obtain a route between locations

    Hello m00zg,

    that's a known issue that we'll fix in the next release. A workaround for this is to call

    nokia.mh5.components.settings.set("isOnline", true);
    at the very beginning of your app.


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