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    Nokia Browser bugs


    Raymond from Customer Care has advised me to submit my problem report here with you (Moderators), as you people are ones that will handle the case.

    I have just bought a Nokia Asha 300 and the Nokia Browser has a big problem with cookies. Two problems to be exact.

    Firstly, Nokia Browser is not clearing cookies when instructing it to do so. This can be verified with the following PHP script:

        if empty($_SESSION['randomnumber']) {
            $_SESSION['randomnumber'] = rand(1, 100);
        echo $_SESSION['randomnumber'];
    What this PHP script does is generate a random number to a variable within the cookie session. As long as you are using the cookie it creates, then PHP will not generate a new random number. You can see this by hitting refresh - the number will not change.
    If you visit the page (script) on Nokia Browser and then clear cookies, returning to the page does not generate a new number. This shows that Nokia Browser is not clearing cookies.

    Secondly, I wrote an application in HTML/CSS & PHP. It stores all data in session cookies.
    When I am in a densely populated area such as the casino, Nokia Browser randomly drops cookies, where as when I am at home in an urban surrounding, Nokia Browser does not drop my session cookie.
    This suggests to me that the problem is related to the phone connecting to different mobile phone towers or something.
    I am unable to provide any technical evidence on this as I don't have any debugging logs from Nokia Browser, but I do need this issue fixed.

    I bought this phone soley for using my application. If I cannot run it, then I have just wasted my money and obviously don't want this to be the case.
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    Re: Nokia Browser bugs

    An update, I just realized Nokia Browser fails to save any session information!
    I have built a demonstrator of the problem that can be downloaded here: http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/78836263/file.html
    It will need to be ran from a server with PHP enabled.

    I am using the Nokia Browser web browser on a Nokia Asha 300, running the latest firmware - version 07.49.

    In Nokia Browser, open a.html, enter random information in the first two input fields and toggle 'CALIBRATE'...
    ... now on b.html you should see which table was just set, now click 'GOTO C'...
    ... now that your on c.html, click on 'NOW GOTO B AGAIN'.
    Back on b.html, you will no longer see the tables that you set in a.html.
    A review of the source code will also show no command was issued to drop the session cookie.

    If you run through these instructions on Firefox, Chrome, etc you will see things work fine. The problem only exists on Nokia Browser.

    This clearly demonstrates a bug in Nokia Browser. I need this fixed ASAP.
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