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    Accordion for content on a Page


    I've looked various examples, mainly RSS Reader, which gave me some hints, but these seem to do much more that I would need and my guess is that there is a much more simpler way to implement this.

    Basically I'm trying to implement an page (AccordionArticlePage.qml), which would display an article where each heading is an accordion and by clicking it the text of that paragraph is displayed. The number of headings may vary based on content which I load from external source. I don't think the loading and population of the data will be difficult, but I don't seem to get started even displaying hard coded content.

    I didn't manage to find an example on display Accordions on a Page. Could somebody give me a hint here. Thanks!

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    Re: Accordion for content on a Page

    I managed to get some basic accordion working with the RSS Reader example, so I think I can manage by my own from here. Thanks.

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    Re: Accordion for content on a Page


    There's also the expanding delegates example that has something similar what you're trying to do. Basically, you can just declare two states for your delegate, one that show only the heading, and another with all the content. You can control the position/width/height/opacity properties of delegate child elements, and use transitions to animate the 'show/hide details' action.

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