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    RE:Issue on nokia x3 device

    I have two nokia x3 device.i developed calendar application in that two option is there for selecting next and previous date. In one of the device if i click next button it goes to next date,but in other device if i click next button its not going to next date.please help me about this issue.

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    Re: Issue on nokia x3 device

    Hi prakashohile,

    It might be that one of your device has latest firmware update than the other. you can check and compare device software versions with following settings in the device: Settings-->Device->device updates-->current software details.

    you can also test your application on other devices using Nokia remote device option available to the developer for free.

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    Re: Issue on nokia x3 device

    Hi prakashohile,

    Can you provide the software version of each of your X3 devices by typing *#0000# in the idle screen? Is it X3-02 or X3-00 you are testing on? Do you run the exact same code on both devices? If the devices have different software versions and if the device with the oldest software is the one where the next button doesn't work, please consider updating its software by using Nokia Suite. If the problem persists after a software update, can you share some more information about your code? Are you using the LWUIT Calendar class or have you implemented your own? If you have created your own Calendar, we would need some snippets (code parts) so that we can reproduce it on our end, before we can help you.

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