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    Importance of proper placement of Component.onCompleted in QML

    The following code opens a second page (mainPage) after clicking the OK button of the dialog. The mainPage contains a "Hello" button and clicking it toggles it between "Hello" and "World".

    The code has two lines with "Component.onCompleted". The code, as is, works fine. However, if I uncomment the first "Component.onCompleted" and comment out the second one, the code does not work properly. Clicking the "Hello" button then does nothing. Why is this?

    import QtQuick 1.1
    import com.meego 1.0
    PageStackWindow {
        Page {
            id: mainPage
            Button {
                id: button
                width: parent.width
                text: "Hello"
                onClicked: button.text == "Hello" ? button.text = "World" : button.text = "Hello"
        Page {
            id: firstPage
            Dialog {
                id: myDialog
                buttons: ButtonRow {
                    style: ButtonStyle { }
                    anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
                    Button {text: "OK"; onClicked: myDialog.accept()}
                onAccepted: pageStack.replace(mainPage)
    //        Component.onCompleted: myDialog.open();
        initialPage: firstPage
        Component.onCompleted: myDialog.open();

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    Re: Importance of proper placement of Component.onCompleted in QML

    lemmy guess: cause firstPage is not loaded yet. Page{} loading on demand

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