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    WebTV doesn't work on Belle FP1

    I have utilised the WebTV WRT template to create few apps.

    The apps work fine on Symbian Belle N8, C7 and other the pre FP1 phones. When I install the same app on 701 with Belle FP1 the app doesn't work. The RSS parsing works fine but when I click on the video flash player should open it. Unfortunately I just get the flash screen saying "Error message..."
    I guess that RSS values (link to the video) doesn't get passed correctly to the Flash Player.
    Does enyone know ho to fix this?

    On the same phone i have the app Nat Geo which is also WebTV WRT app and it works fine even on Bell FP1 phones.

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    Re: WebTV doesn't work on Belle FP1


    It seems that is not easy problem. Indeed Web TV is not working on Belle FP1 but is working on previous versions.

    Just to keep collected information : new in Belle FP1
    Flash Lite 4.0 and Flash Video are the same for FP1 and pre-FP.
    This example of Flash <-> JScript communication is working on FP1.

    Judging by flashing communication icon on up-left screen corner -- Web TV cannot connect to remote server

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    Re: WebTV doesn't work on Belle FP1

    On the 808 Pure View and 701 there is app Nat Geo (National Geographic). It comes preinstalled on the phones. It is an WebTV app and it works on Nokia Belle FP1.
    Somebody obviously found a workaround for this issue. I was hoping that he would share it here

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