as i try to develop apps for symbian with s60 3rd edition FP1 SDK.
i repeatedly encounter road blocks which only function is to stop you from developing applications for this platform.

for example:
i've installed the mentioned SDK and everything was working fine until the emulator started asking for a serial, (after 14 days) which is fine as long as you tell me how to obtain it.
but it's not that easy since this serial is apparently unobtainable since the page it refers to is non-existent and the offline route only results in a "Error:500" (which is an internal server error ) output. so as of yet i cannot develop anything for this platform anymore.

i really find this tedious and superfluous.
nokia should adopt this simple idea "if you want people to develop for you, make it easy" don't have them jumping though hoops entering serial number (for the carbid platform) after serial number and ultimately have an out-of-date/broken system to manage it.

it's frustrating and unneeded. and i am very close to abandon this platform and just get an android phone or something. i heard great things about that